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Iona Alumni Leading the Food and Beverage Industries

Summer’s here and it’s time to relax with good company. Meet up with a friend for a glass of wine and appetizers at an outdoor café; gather your family at their favorite restaurant; take a wine tasting tour; or toast your best buddy with a cold beer.

And behind all this fun, making sure you have what you need to thoroughly enjoy yourself, are the multibillion-dollar food and beverage industries.

Succeeding in these dynamic and competitive industries are a number of Iona alumni who have brought their entrepreneurial spirit, their willingness to work long and hard, and their determination to these competitive and ever-growing sectors.

All of these alumni have unique stories of their journeys to success. Some left home to follow an opportunity; others looked at their hometowns and found opportunity there. Some journeys were fueled by friendship, others by a love of learning.

But all the stories have one thing in common: Their journeys all began at Iona.

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