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The Iona College Magazine winter 2018 issue featured a photo of Brother Mulvaney in the school bookstore in 1960. Ed Giuffre ’57 shared a fond memory of his time working with Brother Mulvaney.

I worked in the bookstore in 1956-57 for Brother Mulvaney. It was located in Doorley Hall outside the Student Lounge. Across the hall was an old science classroom where Brother Doyle taught us Latin.

I set up a hi-fi turntable, five-watt amplifier and a speaker for Brother Mulvaney in the store so he could listen to classical music on Saturdays. He would go to the library, borrow some 33 1/3s from Brother Thomas and go back to the store to listen to them while he worked. He told me it was “glorious.”

Ed Giuffre ’57

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