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Faculty Recognized for Excellence In and Out of the Classroom

Iona College faculty enrich the intellectual lives of their students and contribute significantly to their fields of study. In recognition of their excellence, Iona presents the faculty with a number of awards in a variety of areas, including student and faculty research, integrated service learning, service to the College, and innovation and excellence in teaching. The awards are sponsored by the president and the chairman of the Board of Trustees.


Br. Arthur Loftus Outstanding Student Research Award – David Zuckerman, Ph.D.

Irene Hammerbacher Outstanding Faculty Research Award – Nicholas Beutell, Ph.D.

Br. Richard B. Power Award for Integrating Service Learning into the Classroom – Alison Suen, Ph.D.

Br. William H. Barnes Memorial Award for Service to the College – Jennifer Gerometta, Ph.D.

Catherine McCabe Award for Innovation & Excellence in Teaching – Christina Carlson, Ph.D.

Br. William Cornelia Distinguished Faculty Award – Lubomir Ivanov, Ph.D.

Stephen Portch Award for Faculty Innovation –  Amanda Howerton-Fox, Ph.D.

Stephen Portch Award for Faculty Service Above and Beyond – Jeanne Matich-Maroney, Ph.D.


David Zuckerman, Ph.D., Biology, Studying the Cytoskeleton Component (BacM) of Myxoccus xanthus

Marius Draeger, Ph.D., Chemistry, Synthesis and Application of 2-Halo-Ynamides

Yaliu He, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, The Application of Patient-Centered Care in Mental Health Interventions:  A Community-Based Participatory Study

Casey Dougherty, Ph.D., Chemistry, Cellular Uptake and Membrane Permeability Dependence on Fluorophore Ratio of Trastuzumab Poly(Amido Amine) Dendron Conjugates

Amanda Howerton-Fox, Ph.D., and Michelle Veyvoda, Ph.D., Education and Speech Communication Studies, Reimagining Early Intervention Service Provision For Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Nilofer Naqvi, Ph.D., Psychology, Funds to Enhance a Phone Training on Autism Knowledge for Special Educators in Tanzania 

Publishing and Presenting Worldwide -EDIT PARA BELOW

As leading scholars in their fields, Iona College faculty members publish and present their research extensively. From “Autism Knowledge Training in Tanzania” to “The Well-being of Women in Entrepreneurship: The Global Perspective,” Iona faculty investigate timely and significant issues that impact people around the world. To view the faculty’s impressive list of publications and presentations, go to

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