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Faith Preziosi ’22 Talks About the Season and Her Long-term Goals

(Edited from an interview conducted by Matthew Chaves ’21, sports editor of The Ionian)

MC: How did you get into soccer?

FP: Soccer was the first sport that took me at the age of 5. I also tried cheerleading, but they conflicted with each other, so I stuck with soccer.

MC: Besides winning the MAAC Championships, what are some goals you hope to achieve with your team?

FP: Continuing to build the soccer program to be the best it can be for Iona.

MC: What do you tell yourself when halftime arrives, no matter the score?

FP: Keep working hard no matter whether we’re winning or losing; each game matters, so go out hard, strong and fighting.

MC: Throughout your career here with the Gaels, what do you hope to leave behind as a legacy?

FP: Winning a championship and breaking records.

MC: What attracted you to Iona?

FP: How close it was to home, college size and my hope to help the soccer program grow.

MC: What do you like most about it now that you’re here?

FP: The friendships I have made and the support from everyone at the College.

MC: What advice would you give to anyone facing a major challenge?

FP: Do the best you can and never give up.

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