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Iona Recognizes Student Research with Monthlong Celebration

With so much exciting student research being accomplished at Iona, the College extended the annual Scholars Day held in April from a single-day event to a monthlong celebration, which was led by Sunghee Lee, Ph.D., Board of Trustees endowed professor of Chemistry.

Iona’s Month of Excellence in Scholarly & Creative Activities featured more than 30 events including performances, lectures, presentations and more, all showcasing faculty and student achievements and accomplishments.

“Iona’s Month of Excellence in Scholarly & Creative Activities encapsulates and integrates all disciplines in the arts, in science and in business and provides another venue of experiential learning,” said Dr. Lee, who spearheaded the creation of Scholars Day ten years ago.

Save The Date
This tradition will  continue in 2020 with  the Iona Month of  Excellence in Scholarly & Creative Activities  kicking off in April. 

Over the last decade, the level and volume of scholarly activity and research has outgrown a single Scholars Day. “This Month of Excellence in Scholarly & Creative Activities is an opportunity for our students to share their exciting research and scholarly activities in a wide array of formats,” said Iona provost and senior vice president Darrell P. Wheeler, Ph.D., MPH, ACSW. Wheeler added, “This is a clear hallmark of faculty-student achievements across a variety of disciplines.”

The Iona Month of Excellence in Scholarly & Creative Activities coincided with the United States House of Representatives’ resolution in 2010 designating the second week in April as “Undergraduate Research Week.” It was formed to honor undergraduate research and its invaluable contributions.

“I truly was proud of the work I accomplished and the research I did,” said Kaitlyn Camperlino ’20, a Criminal Justice and Sociology major who presented her paper, “Implementing Law and Justice to India’s Sex Industry,” during Iona Scholars Month. “This experience impacted me from beginning to end, starting with my trip to India. My eyes were opened to a part of the world I didn’t know much about, as well as to my ability to help others by spreading awareness. Being able to convey my ideas at the Scholars Month panel presentation and seeing people interested in my work really made me want to do more research. I also gained more passion and a desire to direct my career toward criminality with special populations.”

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