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Shelf Life

Seneca M. Turner ’02 has completed her most recent book, Gammy: A Story about Alzheimer’s Disease, a children’s story about a young girl who is taught a lesson about Alzheimer’s and how it affects her grandmother.

Michael A. Perrota ’03MS has written his debut novel, The Ragnarök Vaults, about Nazis who, 20 years after the end of World War II, attempt to restart the Third Reich by opening a series of vaults based on Norse mythology.

David Rogers ’57 published CHARLESTON: The Antebellum Neighborhoods and Buildings, a comprehensive architectural and human history of the buildings of antebellum Charleston.

Brother Joseph G. Morgan ’75 published Wesley Fishel and Vietnam: A Great and Tragic American Experiment, which examines the career of Wesley Fishel, a political scientist who vigorously supported American intervention in the Vietnam War.

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