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Donating Your IRA

Physics with Brother Bullen…Speech with Professor Schwartz…Philosophy with Dr. Pepper…

Your professors prepared you with a first-rate education and a strong set of values, and you graduated Iona filled with dreams.

You became leaders in your fields and community and created a legacy of excellence that continues to shape the future of Iona.

Now you can help prepare the next generation of Gaels by donating your IRA, 401k, 403b or other qualified retirement plan to Iona.

It’s simple and provides significant benefits, including:

  • Neither your heirs nor your estate will pay income taxes on the distribution of the assets.
  • You need to include the value of the assets as part of the gross estate but will receive a tax deduction for the charitable contribution, which can offset the estate taxes.
  • It’s possible to divide your retirement assets between charities and heirs according to any percentages you choose.
  • You have the opportunity to support a cause you care about as part of your legacy.

Donating your IRA is a gift that costs you nothing right now, and that could save your heirs thousands of dollars in taxes later.

Contact Steve Auger at (914) 637-7749 or to learn if this
is right for you.

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